ELITE DRESSAGE HORSES is situated in the sunny Waikato, the center of the equestrian industry in New Zealand. 

Our aim is to breed a small number of potential international FEI dressage horses for the discerning ambitious rider. Horses with the temperament and athletic ability to succeed at the top of our sport.

We chose our mares very carefully and have a critical set of characteristics we look for. We only use stallions we feel embody a true athlete, who show an ability to sit and push irrespective of how impressive their breeding is. While international breeding programs have been incredibly successful and are critical to the development of the sport, in the end its the horse in front of you that matters. We are firm believers in the saying "You cannot ride the papers".

Our focus is to use only the very best mares from both a biomechanic and temperament perspective as we believe the mares influence to be under rated. We do not breed simply on papers or from a mare bred well. We breed from a mare who actually shows the characteristics we want in our foals. We breed two athletes to hopefully gain an athlete improved!

The stallions we consider are those with exceptional biomechanics and temperament and much thought is given to matching the right stallion to just the right mare.

We are now using our second generation mares we have bred by Frozen European Stallions, and for the first time in 2020 we welcome our first foals by our sensational Furst Hit EDH and out of our own EDH mares! 


Our pasture has been sown in horse friendly grass and we have shelter belts in all the fields. All our breeding and young stock are hard fed and supplemented daily and rugged in winter.  Each one gets personal attention and is not just a number. We take special care of our horses because we know our customers will put years, blood sweat and tears into training and they want their investment and friend to last the distance and have a happy and successful life.

Elite Dressage Horses is also the home of ELITE EQUINE NUTRITION. The perfect partners! Only the very best nutritional support from conception through to the working horse to ensure our horses realise their genetic potential and become strong, robust and the very best athletes they can be.